Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?
All riders who take to the boards must start of by attending a certification course. These classes assist with giving a rider all the skills necessary to navigate our "lumberyard" safely. Once a rider has become certified they may join any of our sessions listed on this site. We provide FELT track bikes to those who do not own a track bike. To sign up for a certification class visit our website!

The Velo Sports Center takes safety as its primary concern. The velodrome is a very safe place to ride if all riders are attentive and aware of their surroundings while maintaining proper etiquette for riding a velodrome. Helmets are required and all bikes should be well maintained.

Who Can Ride The Velo?
Anyone age 16 or older who can ride a bike and is interested in riding the track is welcome to ride the boards of the VELO Sports Center. For youth ages 8-16 we have specialized programming taught by five-time Olympian Connie Paraskevin (

Certification Classes

Introductory Series
Price: $225
Time: Saturdays at 10:30am (check CALENDAR for availiblity)
Includes: 4 sessions
Length of each session: 2.5hrs
Description: A four week course geared towards instilling safe riding skills, etiquette and regulations. Graduates of this class will gain certification to participate in open and structured programming at the Velo Sports Center. If you have little or no velodrome experience, this is the class for you! The use of FELT Track Bikes are included in this class if needed.

Accelerated Class
Price: $80
Time: Saturdays at 10:30am (check calendar for availability)
Includes: 1 session
Length: 2.5hrs
Description: A one session class directed towards riders with extensive velodrome skills from other tracks. Upon completion a rider should be completely comfortable with riding all areas of the Velo Sports Center velodrome.

Sample Session
The Sample Session program is a one-time try at riding the velodrome for those excited about the track and who simply have to try it once. Riders will get some safety and skill instruction then get on the track. It's recommended that you wear sports clothes. Completing a sample ride does not certify a rider to ride any other sessions at the velodrome. The sample ride program is by appointment only. All equipment is provided, but riders should bring pedals, shoes, and helmets if they have them. Contact Event Center Manager-Adam Duvendeck at

VSC membership covers track fees for all open sessions and structured sessions.

Annual Pass:
Annual passes are the way to go for anyone who rides our velodrome with any type of frequency. The pass covers all of your ride time and is well worth your investment. The passes are available at a monthly rate which runs for the course of a year from the date of purchase. You may also pay your membership in full and you save 15%.
$45.00/month $35.00/month for Volunteers*

One month membership:

Pay Per ride:

FELT Bike Rental:

The VELO Sports Center offers coaching for individuals and groups who require assistance in open or private sessions. Contact the VSC Manager for more information.

*Volunteers must commit to assisting during 3 events or races held at the velodrome per year. If a member is unable to fulfill their volunteer commitment, they will be billed for the difference of a normal annual pass.

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Sun Aug2 SBW TT Cup
Mon Aug 3 - 8 USAC Elite/JR Nats
Aug 22 6-10pm Sprint Tournament
Sat Sep 12 3:30-7:30pm Sprint Tournament
Sun Sep 6 SBW TT Cup
Time Trials (8:30am Sprint Session Racing / 12:30pm Endurance Session Racing)
A/B/C Friday Night Racing
(7:00pm Group Warm Up/7:30pm Racing)